Supercharging Contact Center Agents with Virtual Agents

Digital era has always amused us with its new innovative ideas and inventions. Digital India is a dream of every Indian and that dream has almost come true. It was only successful by applying artificial intelligence and one of them is AI virtual agents as contact center solutions that are being introduced in every field.


Virtual assistant call center service has played an essential role in customer servicing by assisting clients through interacting across various channels including emails, webchats, social media, etc., and has led intelligent virtual assistance to a new level.

Having said that, contact centers have always been run by human beings and there are unforeseen mistakes and risks which any company cannot afford to have. In this competitive world, we expect every work or job to be done perfectly and with less cost consumption.

This has been possible only through one medium is Virtual agents. Are you wondering how it works, what are its benefits? Then let us not wait any further. Let’s get started.

Firstly, what is a supercharging contact center?

As said earlier, supercharging contact centers which are also called e-contact centers are one-point contact areas where all customer interaction channels are managed with the help of CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). Basically, it includes one or more call centers integrated with CRM.

As the business grows, contact center solutions become quite important to achieve utmost customer satisfaction. To help the users with their queries and other issues related to the product, a contact center solution is very essential for a company’s growth. It allows us to maintain retention in the company for a longer time period.

What are virtual agents?

Virtual agents are a set of programs that have certain rules and support of Conversation AI in order to assist with customer service through various mediums. These virtual agents can help us through chatbots, emails, voice bots, or even interactive voice response systems.

In simple words, virtual agents can also be called digital assistants which is mainly helpful for huge organizations dealing with enormous amounts of customers or internal employees. Unlike other agents such as chatbots, virtual agents can communicate through any medium available.

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Working of virtual agents

Basically, virtual agents or virtual assistant call center services are pre-programmed or scripted products in specific ways to understand human language at ease. Upon request of human virtual agents receive the language and convert it to machine language with the help of ASR. Virtual agents will identify keywords and search for solutions.

Later the extracted solution will be converted into human-understandable language with the help of Dialog conversation. Thus, virtual agents can be effective and efficient.

How will supercharging contact centers with virtual agents be beneficial?

Virtual agents can provide numerous benefits to contact centers AI. Below are the following benefits where one can focus on

1. Improves customer experience

Digital India has made us more comfortable with technology than before. Hence, no one wants to wait in the queue to be answered and can resolve on their own with little help available. Virtual agents, with their unique way of approach, help the customers to reach for needed solutions in a short span of time.

Even though virtual agents provide minimal and only needed solutions, they are much more effective and useful solutions for our problems compared to other methods.

2. Available round the clock

We may not expect human beings to work 24/7 as there is a physical and mental limit, but with virtual agents, this is possible seven days a week. In this busy world, users do not have time to check in to companies’ websites to search for solutions. Through AI virtual agents nothing is stopping us by assisting our customers and getting utmost satisfaction.

3. Efficient data gathering

Every time a customer interacts with virtual data, the information shared is different from others. Virtual agent saves information in the backend of the system which is later used for fetching users’ data indeed, to upgrade or update the user system, better decision-making, etc.

From all the questions or the issues faced by virtual agents, managers or superiors can check the pattern or frequently asked questions so that solutions can be found out easily. It also helps us find out where exactly an issue is and at which level customers are facing this difficulty and at which location very easily.

4. Benefits to human agents

During festive seasons or any offers, occasions there will be high volumes of calls or inquiries and at this high rate of calls, there is a lot of pressure which results in not answering every customer efficiently. Thus, virtual agents are used to interact effectively. Here, we have to note that virtual agents are not here to replace contact centers but to assist.

Hence, while a virtual AI assistant for contact center agents can answer commonly asked questions that are still difficult for customers to figure out, contact centers can face challenging tasks which together result in inefficient customer service virtual assistants.

5. Advanced AI

Contact center virtual agents are a real boon to contact centers as AI is built with the capability to upgrade or to correct itself on its own. With every interaction with customers, virtual agent service learns more and more every day. This takes the weight of the developer to update virtual agents frequently.

With every interaction with users, virtual agents assure us that they have the potentiality to satisfy customers with their needs at ease.

6. Enhanced lead generation

As these intelligent virtual agents can gather any amount of information in a fraction of seconds and store it, they are very suitable for interacting with clients. Intelligent Virtual assistance understands the customer’s needs and can assist them at multiple levels and in a wider area compared to contact centers.


Considering all the above points, every contact center virtual agent can perform better with utmost user satisfaction and maintain 100% retention. This is the most effective and easiest way to resolve customer issues with very little cost consumption.

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