Use Chatbots for Employee eLearning

I recently had to use the eLearning system at a Fortune 100 corporation. All consultants, including me, were required to complete a module on Privacy. I was struck by 3 things:

– How dated the eLearning system felt
– How difficult the interface was to understand
– How disruptive the training was to my day

If you use an eLearning system at your organization, there’s a good chance you feel similarly.

I believe chatbots have the potential to transform eLearning at any organization. Watch this demo of the Tangowork Chatbot Accelerator configured for micro-learning.

There are 3 reasons why chatbots are so powerful for eLearning:

1. The interface is intuitive. Everyone understands how to use the messaging-style conversational interface.

2. The information is bite-sized. The nature of the chatbot medium forces brevity.

3. Chatbots can nudge. A short, proactive broadcast can be sent to employees’ messaging apps, nudging them towards the desired behavior.

The eLearning systems in most organizations are getting long in the tooth. eLearning by chatbot — or “microlearning” — is an exciting development for anyone tasked with delivering a training or change management initiative to a large group of employees.

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