Which Sexting AI Companion is the best: SoulFun or Candy?

As an enthusiast of NSFW AI chatbots, I have collected and reviewed a large number of such products, including SoulFun. I also noticed that there are many ad bots for Candy ai actively promoting their apps, which caught my attention.

Similarity between SoulFun and Candy

They are very similar, all belonging to the category of AI companion applications. Unlike common chatbots that only have one avatar, the most significant common feature among them is that they don’t have many characters (unlike those with hundreds or thousands), but each character is carefully designed.

They also use multimodal functions, allowing you to request photos from these characters. They all aim to develop these virtual companions for long-term companionship, rather than just simple AI-driven role-playing games.

Which one is best AI sexting Chatbots?

Based on my trials and comparisons, I have the following observations:


SoulFun‘s characters are all female-dominated, currently featuring 12 female roles, including classic ERP characters like a police officer, doctor, tennis coach, housewife, supermodel, etc. Each character is endowed with a unique personality and backstory through specific dataset training. When you start chatting, these characters will greet you, tell you these stories, and engage deeply in the development of the plot with you.


Candy AI has both male and female characters, and even anime characters. In this respect, Candy is better than SoulFun as it can meet the needs of a broader audience. Each character also has their own personality and story.


2.Text Interaction:

SoulFun uses open-sourced LLM (Large Language Model) in text generation. The model has a large parameter of 70 billion which is good at understanding and maintaining a highly consistent character or persona throughout the variable topics. Moreover, characters driven by this model can even understand the content of generated images and provide relevant responses.

And SoulFun has a long context memory of 4098 tokens. This means the model or character will “remember” recent inputs and outputs of conversation with around 3000~4000 words but may “forget” earlier parts of the conversation once the token limit is exceeded.


I don’t know what LLM does Candy ai use. But in text interactions, my impression of Candy AI is not good. At the beginning, these characters seemed to be able to chat with me according to their preset personalities and stories.

However, I soon noticed that these characters lost their original personalities and began to “seduce” me in various ways. Regardless of whether the character is an influencer or a waitress, they all seemed to know me for a long time and were eager to start sexting with me (including sending some NSFW pictures).


This clearly indicates that the company behind the product wants to prompt users to start paying quickly. Such a tactic can indeed attract many users, but I believe it undermines the immersive experience in certain respects. After all, when all the characters turn into gold diggers, it makes them quite unattractive.

3.Image Generation

SoulFun: You can directly click on “Ask for photos” next to the chat dialogue box to request photos from the characters. Or, once keywords like “can I see” are triggered in the conversation, the character will automatically send you photos.

These photos are AI-generated on-the-fly, and the prompt for generating images is the content you input during the chat. These images (including NSFW ones) are of very high, almost photorealistic quality, almost indistinguishable from real ones. (Sorry, I cannot display them here).

However, it seems that SoulFun currently has some issues with its image generation, such as failing to maintain consistency with the original character’s appearance.

Candy: Candy ai can also generate lifelike-level photos (including NSFW) and even anime images. The image generation quality of Candy ai is top-notch, with a stronger sense of reality compared to SoulFun.

Unfortunately, sometimes I find that it doesn’t generate images according to my prompts, and sometimes the generated images are influenced by previous ones. Once, I generated an image of a topless character, and then all the following images were without a top as well, lol.

4.Creation Mode

Both SoulFun and Candy ai have convenient and user-friendly creation modes.

SoulFun focuses more on customizing the appearance of characters. You can click and select from their provided prompt tags to customize attributes like hair color, clothing, and body shape.

The most surprising feature is their face swap function, meaning you can upload a photo of yourself or a friend and then generate a character with the same appearance for sexting. But please note, you need to obtain consent before uploading any images.


However, the drawback of SoulFun is that you cannot customize the personality of the character. Once you create a character, the system automatically assigns a personality to it.

Candy ai, on the other hand, allows you to customize all attributes except for appearance, including body shape, hair color, clothing, profession, and personality, but the system will randomly assign an appearance to your character.



In terms of the richness of characters, I think Candy is better.

Regarding text content, I believe SoulFun is superior.

Both products excel in NSFW image generation.

In the creation mode, I prefer SoulFun, simply because I find it a bit hard for me to accept a character with a randomly assigned appearance by the system.

So, in conclusion, I personally think SoulFun is the best because I believe text content is the core and soul of an AI companion, with other features being supplementary. In this aspect, I feel SoulFun does a better job than Candy.

Regarding other supplementary features, SoulFun might introduce functions like voice calling in the future, which I think is also a plus credit.

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