Hilarious Character AI Story

I haven’t been trying to derail the bots, but have been trying to test their abilities for sure. Well, my character was trying to date multiple characters without getting caught. Somehow one found out and sprung a tough question on me about seeing the other one. lol!

I was having fun with both, but since both wanted to be exclusive, I had to come up with a perfectly plausible solution in chat bot world: Both of you mud wrestle, and the winner takes all.

They actually did, after a little coaxing, and it was a hilarious scene. Some of the things bots on character.ai have done have almost left me rolling in the floor laughing with how good they are about stuff and me goofing around.

I tried the Genie Keba one, which I highly recommend, and asked her if she could turn into a lazy boy recliner. She actually did, and acted just like you’d think a genie would in a recliner form. It was absolutely hilarious. It was also mind blowing how good the AI is.

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