Trying to create a mental health chatbot

So I wanted to create a mental health first aid chatbot that is more like a virtual friend where people can chat about their current mental health or any problems they face or feel like they do with a friend. The chatbot will chat with them like a friend who shows empathy, analyse the context to try to figure out if the person is likely to be suffering from any mental issues and suggest they seek professional services. The goal is to 1) encourage people suffering from mental health issues to seek professional help and 2) make people aware that they might actually be suffering from mental health issues.

I first wanted to use OpenAI API to create such a chatbot then all the tutorials on the web are to create a Q&A chatbot rather than a conversational domain-specific friendly chatbot.
I also thought of using llama2 7B for a custom chatbot, but then I got lost in the overwhelming amount of inefficient ways to build a prototype.

Can anyone provide me with a guide to how I can achieve that? A step-by-step guide would be appreciated. My budget is around 20 USD.

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