Any Recommendation for RPG chatbots?

I am not an expert nor been doing this for long and I know its probably just me sucking on what I should be doing, but I would like to see what any of your recommendations for RPG specifically, since I’ve only ever used Character Ai and joyland. I dont really care for those roleplay with one specific character from fictions nor OC.

Character AI rpg’s chatbots sucks, they forget things that happened 5 messages ago and takes like 7 refreshes for it to get slightly right, I know some chatbots are better than others but i have tried like 5-8 of them, they might be better for things like speaking to 1 specific character types, but as I’ve said I dont do that.

Joyland AI is a bit better with the memory and its easier for me to tell the chatbot to write in my preferences, although they keep repeating some things over and over again and keep forgetting things but atleast not on C ai level of amnesia.

To be more specific on what I am trying to do with rpg chatbots, is I’ve been trying to either create my own OC or mostly using a different character from a different show and putting them in a different one, and seeing how the story goes, Like Accelerator on RWBY, Zerg from starcraft to MHA, or creating an OC on some show that gets progressively stronger as the story goes.

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