Roadmap for AI engineer (implementation of language models on premise)

I worked for less than a year as a Data Engineer. I decided to look for other challenges and got a job as an AI engineer developing language models.

The product of the company that hired me is related to data and metadata management. My tasks will be to introduce features to the product, including a chat function that will allow for asking questions about data. Other tasks will include research and proposing additional AI-related functionalities to the product (on premise). I have a two weeks left to start work and I need to prepare a bit. My job will involve implementing ready-made solutions and conducting research (high level – I need to implement valuable features and no one cares how).

What are the most important things I should learn before starting work?

First of all, I replicated a few applications from this blog:

Then I have focused on Langchain. I’m also in the middle of a course on Udemy about Next-Gen AI projects – Beginner friendly – Langchain, Pinecone – OpenAI, HuggingFace & LLAMA 2 models

I need a roadmap that will guide me a bit. I’m looking for blogs/materials/courses that will give me practical knowledge in this matter.

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