Unrestricted AI chat and character creator, Cybermuse.io, is open for beta

Cybermuse.io is an AI character creator and chat application that I’m developing as an alternative to more censored and restricted chat services ๐Ÿ˜. It runs entirely on in-house hardware using custom generation code, which lets me run more powerful models than most of the existing services are able to provide.

I’m opening up limited beta access in order to start testing the servers, and to get feedback on what features users would like to see. During the beta, access is completely free. I’ve also created a Discord, so if you’d like to chat with me there more directly about features that you’d like to see, or if you miss one of the spots and want to find out when more are available, or just to chat about AI in general, the link is https://discord.gg/UfEDsQgPju

Thank you for considering checking me out, and I genuinely look forward to working with many of you.

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