Artificial Intelligence: Automation Vs Autonomy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the theory and creation of computer systems that can carry out tasks that would typically need human intellect, like speech recognition, language translation, and visual perception.

Bot Libre, through its open source platform develops chatbot and artificial intelligence solutions that are ready to use in the metaverse. These solutions are central to the success of businesses and even the world, as they drive efficiency, enhance user experience, provide detailed analysis and solve problems.

While the overarching goal of AI is to solve problems and make life easier, the way this is accomplished is distinct depending on whether the AI is strictly automated or is autonomous.

Automated AI

Automated systems often operate within a clearly defined set of constraints and have a relatively limited range of tasks that they can complete. Automated systems use predetermined heuristics to inform their judgments and actions. For example autopilot, cruise control and yes, Bot Libre chatbots, are all results of clever automation. When you deploy a Bot Libre chatbot to web, mobile app or social media, you can program it to respond to any of your customer’s questions, from a variety of topics and using diverse personalities.

Autonomous AI

On the other hand, autonomous systems can learn from dynamic situations, adapt to them, and evolve as their surroundings change without the need for human involvement. The data it picks up and adapts to might not be what the system’s designers had in mind when they implemented it. These systems will process and learn from growing data sets more quickly and eventually more consistently. The goal for developers is to make technology as intelligent as possible. Building autonomous systems will be part of that process.

Bot Libre’s Hybrid Model

Bot Libre chatbots learn on new data as they are trained with new responses, and some of our features and scripts use learned data to change behavior, even dynamically at runtime. Bot Libre also has 2 parts, the chatbot engine, and the deep learning engine. The two can be combined for a hybrid solution.

Our Metaverse support is also a hybrid. For our navigation functions we have several modes, some are automated, some are more autonomous. The automated ones use compiled scenes and are faster and more accurate. The autonomous ones are more generic and work in any scene or augmented reality.

It is important to know that automated and autonomous AI are on a spectrum, as systems that were automated at first with a clearly defined set of inputs and outputs, may need to evolve over time as their usage and the environment in which they function do. As a result, one may add certain autonomous capabilities to an automated system, increasing both the system’s lifespan and its range of usage.


Automated AI

  • Increased speed, efficiency, time-savings
  • Ability to scale using AI the insights, flexibility, and processing power
  • Able to augment businesses’ capabilities, while off-loading repetitive tasks to the machine

Autonomous AI

  • Avoid risks and errors
  • Instant interconnectivity by speeding up communications and the passing of information
  • Increased productivity through clearly detecting areas of opportunity for each business, and anticipating future events.

So which do you choose?

Experts share that it all depends on the problems you are trying to solve. How do you want to engage with your clients? Automated AI is a thriving market and with Bot Libre open source platform you can build automated chatbots, with little to no programming.

Meanwhile, Autonomous AI serves as a link between the state of technology today and where it will be in the future. If your company is considering implementing autonomous AI, Forbes Technology Council contends that you should “begin by hiring skilled resources with strong expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks, a branch of cognitive computing. These experts can develop systems for much more proactive IT monitoring, problem detection and resolution.”

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