Russian TV show to have virtual human, Elena created by Sber.

Russian company Sber is going one step ahead by introducing a virtual human for hosting shows. Yes, this Russian tech giant has announced their Virtual human, Elena who is currently hosting Russian TV RBC TV’s markets and investor Calendar shows. To transform pictures and recording into an AI character that can easily replace the Sber has used their visper platform.

Virtual Host

With the platform Visper, SberDevices highly expect users to make the same kind of Avatar, Elena. This platform Visper is capable of creating any kind of AI character, starting from realistic Virtual human like Elena to animated cartoon characters. Sber thinks that these creatures can be highly beneficial in terms of making interaction online.

“The Visper platform is quite young, but it is evolving rapidly, and the characters we create with it. For example, they have recently learned to speak English,” the Sber Devices stated.

Several Russian TV shows seem to jump quickly over using such technology for hosting their shows. For example, recently Japanese company Nikkei innovation lab has introduced a platform for producing virtual human videos which includes character for news anchor in the list.

“This is an interesting and important experiment for RBC. Similar technology is developing throughout the world, and we will soon see similar virtual hosts on many channels,” stated by RBC TV managing director.

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