Google Cloud has recently announced their multi-year collaboration with Cohere, the startup platform for developers to make Natural Language processing model-building easier, in applications. The whole process requires a lot of infrastructure and hardware resources to run and currently Cohere doesn’t own that many resources of infrastructure. So Google is going to work as an infrastructure resource by helping Cohere with Google cloud’s machine learning hardware and infrastructure.

Cohere and Google

For taking out the best conclusion and trends Cohere draws an enormous amount of unstructured data and texts and this collaboration will support Cohere’s language model development with Google’s infrastructure. Additionally, Google will allow Cohere to get access to the Tensor processing unit. Besides these, Cohere will be also able to use Google cloud’s server to provide wider access to its model for gaining sales. Developers will be able to adjust the models with a minimum amount of time and coding.

However, just before the announcement of collaboration Cohere recently announced their API for its language models. And now with this collaboration, they are about to expand their appeal by providing affordable language models.

Cohere CEO Aidan Gomez stated while announcing the collaboration “By partnering with Google Cloud and using Cloud TPUs, Google’s best-in-class machine learning infrastructure, we are bringing cutting-edge NLP technology to every developer and every organization through a powerful platform,”

“Until now, high-quality NLP models have been the sole domain of large companies. Through this partnership, we’re giving developers access to one of the most important technologies to emerge from the modern AI revolution.”

Cohere isn’t alone to collaborate with Google Cloud as recently multiple companies including Wendy’s tied their hand with Google Cloud to incorporate AI and voice tools into a restaurant chain.

“Leading companies around the world are using AI to fundamentally transform their business processes and deliver more helpful customer experiences,” Google cloud CEO explained.

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