Digital Avatars Bring New Meaning to Multitasking

Half visible man hiding behind digital code
Half visible man hiding behind digital code-Image by Peter Linforth courtesy of Pixaby

Imagine writing a blog at home, teaching a writing course, and attending a zoom meeting simultaneously. Believe it or not, digital AI companies are doing just that; I’m not talking gaming avatars; doppelgangers that sound like you and use your facial and body expressions. These digital twins are bringing new meaning to multitasking.

The Use of Digital Twins in Business is Limitless

In November of 2021, HourOne debuted REALS, a platform where anyone can create one or more digital twins for business use. The business can create AI synthetic assistants that can do just about anything.

These AI assistants can answer phones, make appointments and give a presentation in 4 different languages. Unfortunately, you will have to get your coffee, but your AI assistant can order your lunch and have it delivered!

You have complete control over how they interact with your customers. You can program and re-program in virtually (no pun intended!)minutes, making it easy to revise a market task that isn’t going as well as planned or reproduce it using a different assistant and new languages.

This will be an asset to small businesses and gig workers who can put this technology to great use with international clients and remotely located workers. Business is ever-changing, and how you brand and market your business is essential to its success.

REALS stated that you could set up any presentation using “thousands of text lines in multiple languages.” This assistant can give the same presentation in numerous countries simultaneously, something it would take a human presenter to do in months with an expense to the company of thousands of dollars.

The look of marketing will be changed as companies create an interactive avatar that becomes synonymous with their brand. Imagine your kids being able to interact with a character on the cereal box.

Personal Use of Digital Doppelgangers Will Expand Your World

While these interactive characters will be a great marketing tool, they can also be created for personal use especially, in the metaverse. Imagine visiting with your sister in Greece on the beach for a monthly platform fee! Talking to family members and friends.

Housebound seniors and the disabled will be able to create and use the avatar to experience virtual life, find people that share their experiences, make and visit new friends, and experience life in a way they haven’t been able to do.

3-D Software That Creates Collaboration

Nvidia’s Omniverse will launch free 3-D software that will allow real-time collaboration between businesses. They believe that increasing access will benefit us all.

After its Beta launch one year ago, there have been 100,000 downloads by innovators using it to enhance their workflow.

This will expand collaboration between industries and make working with companies worldwide possible for companies big and small.

The use of digital avatars is in its infancy; its use in business and the metaverse will change human interaction in untold ways. The changes they offer are going to bring new meaning to multitasking!

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