Dubai residents are now able to ask any municipal issues to ‘Fares’

Dubai has decided to go one step ahead by introducing a virtual assistant that will answer citizens’ questions and requests regarding municipal issues. Using conversational AI the voice assistant ‘Fares’ enables multiple options for citizens to chat or talk with Dubai officials even through WhatsApp numbers.

Virtual municipal service

It’s an advanced way of serving the people of Dubai by allowing them to communicate with ‘Fare’ by calling the city hotline or connecting through the WhatsApp number and they can ask any questions, it can be about the city and their services, it can be the inquiry of any request made by them earlier. Additionally, it also has an option to verify any rumors about the city. Citizens can even ask about their status of playing house taxes through these ‘Fares’ and report any issues.

“Communication with #DubaiMunicipality is easier through ‘Fares’, the virtual assistant who answers your inquiries around the clock and helps you submit your services’ reports,” the city’s official Twitter feed explained. “‘Fares’ is available via WhatsApp, the website, and the Municipality’s unified application. Visit our website and learn more about him.

Many cities and countries have opted to move forward with smart services to provide their citizens, so Dubai isn’t the first one to take such initiatives, other countries like India, Russia, West Virginia also have seen to be experimenting with conversational AI.

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