Is Chatbot Agency Mastery a SCAM?

chatbot agency mastery scam

If you have seen the sales video and are looking to buy the course, read the details here before deciding.

If you ever wandered across this place called the Internet, chances are you might have come across this training called Chatbot Agency Mastery. With the advent of Chatbots for marketing, more and more businesses are switching to deploy bots for improving customer engagement and lead conversion.

Chatbots are real, and people generate tons of money by building real, valuable chatbots. But what’s not natural is this sham of a course known as Chatbot Agency Mastery which has been re-christened as CAM-2.0

If you ever came across the video sales letter of this course, you would hear the founder of this course, Sumanta Barman, CEO of The Virtual Bytes. He will proudly tell how ‘extensive’ this course is and how anyone doing it would gain life-changing skills.

I bought in the hype around the chatbots and went with the purchase. I was all pumped-up thinking that this is a life-changing skill that will surely help add to my skill sets but what it turned out to be was an absolute waste of time and money.

Let me break down the entire course so that you decide whether to go ahead with the purchase or not.

1. Course Content

From someone who bought this course, I can tell you that you will learn far more by watching the free pre-recorded training videos at The videos there are pretty detailed, self-explanatory, and even have a help section to assist you in your problems.

This fundamental training of making bots is minimal in this course (even minimal is an overstatement). There’s no substance at all. The video sales letter of the course falsely pitches about teaching to build Instagram bots, but when you go through the system, you will find the trainer saying, ‘he doesn’t have enough idea about the Instagram bot.’

What is disheartening is that even the primary skill, i.e., Facebook Messenger Bot Building, is half-baked and rushed. There are so many features in the ManyChat platform, but nothing is touched. Such is the condition that even after watching the entire videos, I had to go back to ManyChat to learn the basics! It was there where I learned about using triggers/conditions/tracking and so much more.

So, stay away from this course if you want to build unique bots.

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2. Lure Of Pre-Made Templates

Many of you would aim to buy this course to access pre-made templates.

One piece of advice: Check the ready-to-use templates available on the ManyChat platform. You will find a wide variety of readymade templates for different business verticals. You can use them to build bots of your own.

3. Marketing Gibberish

The course is full of marketing gibberish used only to make the trainer look knowledgeable. This so-called marketing jargon finds widespread usage throughout the system without adding much value. Little knowledge of English and some common sense is enough to get you started here.

4. Marketing Scripts

They give 7–8 scripts to DM prospective clients on Facebook and Instagram. The funny part is that these scripts are fundamental, and some even have common grammatical errors. These are basic, and you can find much better approach scripts on the Internet.

5. Discord Server

The discord server has no activity. It’s pitched as priceless, but I found it dead and left it quite early.

The training quality was so bad that after watching the Messenger Chatbot making videos, I asked for a refund as I realized the course was not worth the money I paid. When the very essence of this course is so diluted, how much good would the other parts be? As expected, they gave reasons such as this course is for essential bot building, we can’t ensure great personal experience and some other things before declining refund.

Overall Review

Stay Away!

If you value your money, stay away! If you love your time, stay away! Honestly, it offers no value for the price it charges. You don’t need this course if you are ready to spend a day or two on the ManyChat website. I was foolish not to go on the ManyChat site to explore and therefore got trapped in this vicious trap. Save your precious money and invest it somewhere worthwhile. This course is not the place!

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