A Conference in the Metaverse & an NFT for your Personality

This year’s Chatbot Conference will be the begging of something new!

Chatbot Conference in the Metaverse

We have very exciting news!

It’s that time of year, where we start to actively plan our next Chatbot & AI Conference and we’re planning on hosting it in the Metaverse!

Metaverse will allow us to connect online in a more embodied experience. You will be able to virtually walk around, meet people, talk to the speakers and even have a happy hour!

So, we are very excited!

To make matters even more interesting, we will explore the topic of how Converstional AI Avatars are coming into the Metaverse!

As you may know, Ilya Gelfenbeyn, the previous co-founder of Dialoglfow (originally Api.ai) has founded a new startup, Inworld AI, that focuses on this.

Inworld AI provides a developer platform for creating AI-powered virtual characters to populate immersive realities including the metaverse, VR/AR, games, and virtual worlds.

Virtual Avatars

What we are seeing is the beginning stages of technological convergence as AI, AR/VR, Crypto are begging to merge into the Metaverse.

So this year’s event looks to be very unique and quite special and this is just the beginning of what we are planning.

Here is how we are planning on using NFTs at the conference…

An NFT for your Identity

In our everyday lives, when we meet someone for the first time, we can instantly get a read on what type of person we are talking with. By the way they dress, move, speak they communicate their identity and who they are shows. However, we can’t really do this online.

The Personality NFT changes all that.

What is the Personality NFT?

We created the Personality NFT to help people instantly share their personality with others and find people like minded people online and in our community.

The Personality NFT is based on the most complete Psychometrics Test which includes your Big 5 personality traits, value systems, and identity. After you take the test, you will get your cards and be able to share it with others.

Personality NFT

These cards are very powerful. They can be used to learn about yourself, to learn about others, to find friends, to find business partners, and to achieve your goals in life.

They also ​have multiple use cases for businesses, and can be used at events, like our conference!

How to use Personality NFT at our Conference

The Personality NFT cards will help you discover the best ways to work with others by leveraging the strengths of your personality and theirs. You can think of it as a MAP that can show you how to connect with others on a deeper level.

We are very exciting about this project and our upcoming conference and hope to see your there!

You can learn more about PersonalityNFT here.

RSVP for the Chatbot Conference

You can now RSVP for the Spring of 2022 event. We are looking at dates in early April of 2022. This is the prefect time to RSVP and save.

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