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Online Networking Events About Conversational AI & Chatbots!

No program, no pitches, no Powerpoints. Not a massive Zoom meeting with a handful of people talking and the others listening.

We’re done with that. Right?

Walk around in the virtual conference room and meet inspiring people! Only when you’re close enough to each other you can have a conversation.

Go for “serendipity”, meet people from your country or check out “topic areas” like Conversation Design, NLU, Copywriting, Platforms, Voice or Jobs to meet the professionals you’re looking for.

The best online networking you’ve ever experienced, close to the In Real Life thing!

PS: the conference room is open for three hours so you can come and go as you please

Get your free ticket!

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Creating a chatbot for customer service – customers inquiries

Good day everyone,

I have an idea of a personal project but I don’t know where to start from.

My idea is to create a chat boat that can be integrated on my website or (telegram bot , wechatbot, whatsapp bot,… I didn’t decide yet)

I do arrange and deliver orders for clients, so usually customers would call and ask if their orders has departed. I have the data of the departed shipments in a spreadsheet that probably can be connected to a chat bot that would ask the client for the delivery reference number, do a search in the spreadsheet and return the search result in the chat for the customer.

Is there anyway that this can be done ? I have seen some paid services, but as a start i would like something that can be done free of charge as am not sure if customers would find it convenient or not.

Thanks in advance.

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