Register an Inbenta Chatbot to Botium Box

Our comprehensive test suite has been expanded with another connector so that you can take advantage of the benefits offered by Botium even if you are developing your chatbot with Inbenta. The following short blog post shows you how to connect your Inbenta chatbot to Botium Box in 2 easy steps!

First, we need the API key and the secret key of our Inbenta chatbot:

You can read about the Inbenta credentials here.

You have to use these credentials in order to establish the connection in the Botium Box. The first step is to push the register new chatbot button in Botium Box.

Fill the form with the credentials you found in your Inbenta platform.

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Afterwards, click on the “say hello” button to check the connectivity. You will receive something like this (in case your connection is successful):

After you push the “save” button, the basic configuration is done.
You can find some more advanced configurations in the chatbot settings:

You can define here who starts the conversation (In most cases your chatbot will start the conversation with a general introduction, or some basic instructions. If your bot is waiting for the user to start the conversation instead, you have to skip the welcome message here).

All other settings are Inbenta specific:

  • Environment: Resource environment from the Inbenta knowledge base to which the request is applied. Each environment logs the data for the reports displayed in Inbenta dashboards separately. Possible options are:
  • Production (default): This environment retrieves the contents/categories published live.
  • Test: This environment retrieves the contents/categories published in edit.
  • API version: Inbenta API version. Its default is v1.
  • Source: Source identifier (e.g. facebook, mobile, etc.) used to filter the logs in the Inbenta dashboards. You can use any value you want. Default is ‘Botium’.
  • User type: Profile identifier from the Inbenta backstage knowledge base. Default: 0

And that’s all, your Inbenta chatbot is connected to Botium Box.

If you did not use Botium Box before, you can read Get Started with Botium Box.

As you can see, connecting your Inbenta chatbot to Botium is extremely simple and anyone can do it without any test automation experience. Once the connection is in place, you no longer have to do this again, your chatbot will be connected to Botium forever.

Please Note: The Inbenta connector is not part of the free Botium Box Mini, but in case of a specific interest, we can set up a 30-days PoC at any time so you can try it in production.

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