If you know Excel, you can create your own bot!

Excel template to create your bot

Until now, Xatkit was “only” a low-code chatbot development platform (or better said, a chatbot orchestration platform) that you could use to create all kinds of (chat)bots with our chatbot domain-specific language. As with any low-code tool, Xatkit helps you to define chatbots minimizing the amount of code you need to write. But it doesn’t completely remove it. You still need to have some basic tech skills to create your bot.

Now, Xatkit is becoming also a no-code tool that enables you to create a chatbot with absolutely zero code. Even more, Xatkit is not only a no-code tool but also a no-learn one. Meaning that, instead of forcing you to learn a new interface to define your bots, you can just use Excel for your chatbot definitions. Creating bots doesn’t get easier than this!. As you can see in this demo, even the chatbot we have on Xatkit’s homepage has been fully generated from an Excel file.

You have all the details about this new Excel to chatbot service we’re offering on this page. We hope you find it useful. We do believe it really helps to democratize the creation of chatbots by bringing the chatbot definition process as close as possible to the end-user. And nothing more universal than a spreadsheet 🙂 . No need to code, no need to learn. If you know Excel, you can define your own bot!. Fill the template and in a couple of days we’ll get back to you with a ready-to-test bot. We’ll use this time to validate your bot definition, create and deploy the bot and do some internal testing before showing it to you. We’ll also take some notes on potential improvements in the bot definition that we can fix together before releasing your bot to the world.

Of course, you cannot create just any bot. This is an obvious trade-off if you impose the condition of writing zero-code to define the chatbot. Right now we’re focusing on Question & Answer bots but we’re working on other powerful templates that offer more flexibility while sticking to the no-code paradigm.

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And we also plan to go beyond Excel files or, in fact, any kind of spreadsheets. If you have your bot defined somewhere/somehow, feel free to reach out with whatever you have and we’ll see how we can derive a chatbot from it, always looking to minimize your time investment. From our conversations with potential clients, we have realized that this initial effort to define the bot is one of the major factors that stop people from creating (and benefitting from) bots. At Xatkit, our commitment is to lower the barriers to entry to the chatbot world!

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