How to improve the dropping customer satisfaction of the ChatBot

Talking to the chatbot

The customer satisfaction (CSAT) score of the Chatbot is beneficial in this digitalized age where you want to increase sales, reduce handling time and enhance the customer experience.

The very first step of any problem solving is to understand the probable pain areas of the customer.

Choose your method to analyze the situation

A. Root Cause analysis


The method can be different, what matters is the exhaustive identification of the reasons which are affecting the performance of the chatbot

I like to use the Root cause analysis method as it helps to bifurcate the reasons the inputs received from various teams. Chatbot creation is not an individuals task, it’s a team effort to bring in the best understanding of the customer journey and integrating it through the chatbot.

Primarily the reasons can be

1. Technical

2. Communication

3. Response Time

Collect the data at each level and disseminate the information to the respective stakeholders of the various teams involved.

Get on the thinking table with various teams and collect data

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On primary analysis the major reasons could be.

Technical gaps could be

1. The chatbot is slow

2. Chatbot is not opening

3. Not able to redirect it properly to the support team

Communications gaps

1. Less information fed in for the customer to get redirected to the right support expert

2. Interaction points are exhaustive — Customized response based on the set of customer queries

Response/Support gaps

1. The support team is empathetic to the customer

2. Average Handling time(AHT) duration needs to be reduced to reduce customer fatigue

These are the broad categories of errors that might occur with your chatbot which in turn is dropping your customer satisfaction of your chatbot and addressing them in tandem can increase the CSAT gradually.

P.S. Below is the link to a video of a conversational chatbot created by me for a real estate platform a couple of years ago.


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