Get Started With Conversational Ads For Google

From the last two decades, Google has been one of the best digital advertising platforms. Advertisers and digital marketers use this platform to reach a wider audience either by ranking on rich keywords or by using display advertising campaigns.

According to the reports, Google has earned $52 billion in the last 15 years, which is 30% of the total revenue of global ad investment. Google ad gets an average 8% clicks click-through rate, and yields more than 180 million impressions every month.

There are many formats that Google offers for advertisements like YouTube videos, PPC, Maps, Business Listing, etc. With its wide range of resources, Google has been ruling the world of search engine based advertising. But are you able to get a good ROI from your promotional campaigns on Google?

Conversational Advertisement

Many businesses are using Google Ad Campaigns for the last many years. But even after getting excellent traction on the ads, they are failing to generate high ROI. The reason behind it lies in the way a user interacts with the promotional campaign

In this conversational age, more than 57% of the advertisers are still using the same traditional form-based webpages to interact with the prospects. But, its highly questionable that with such tools, how can advertisers expect an increase in their ROI?

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There have been many product level changes introduced to make forms interesting for users. But conversational forms or chatbots seem to be most successful amongst all.

New research suggests that more than 32% of the enterprises are now relying on this new model of an advertisement on Google.

What is a conversational advertisement?

Conversational Ads is a chat-based method to connect with website visitors. It’s primarily an inbound marketing technique to start a personalized conversation with each visitor and answer their queries and assist them as per their requirements. This, in turn, makes entire interaction with the user super engaging and rewarding.

The conversational tactic of the chatbot is designed to keep users engaged which eventually results in getting more leads for the business.

In the conversational ad campaign, when a user clicks on it, the user will be redirected to a website or dedicated conversational landing page. At there, a chatbot initially welcomes users in a very valued and positive way and may proceed with asking the user’s name, followed by lead generation flow.

Conversational Ad serving for Appointment Booking on CarDekho Gaadi Store

Create Better Interaction With Conversational Advertisement For Google Ads

Kia and Samsung have achieved 3 to 5 times more engagements through conversational advertisement campaigns.

Suppose you are going to a hotel, and no one is standing at the gate to welcome you. And then, when you go ahead, sadly you find no manager to assist you with “How to book a room” or to “Answer any other query”. Even though if you find instructions written there, it’s highly unlikely that you will avail any services from there.

Contrary to the above situation, now let’s suppose that you visit another hotel and a person welcomes you. Then a manager wishes you and asks you gently, “How may I help you?”, and continues the conversation to assist you further.

Which hotel will you choose to stay?

The first situation can be related to web page-based forms interaction. You saw only instructions written about “How to book a room” and no one there welcomed you and asked to assist you. While the second condition can be compared to conversational chatbot interaction, as it facilitates and greets the website visitor.

These different situations also explain “How effectively conversational ads with Google ads can increase leads generation and user engagement on your website”.

How Conversational Google Ads work?

The primary task of a successful ad campaign is to get higher engagement. Google ads campaign can provide higher visibility, but getting engagement to lead conversion is the real challenge. The need for conversational ads comes to the picture at that time.

Additional Benefits of Conversational Ad Campaign for Google

  • Personalized Promotional Updates: It can show promotional messages of web forms which sometimes look irritating, as more interesting and convincing conversational messages.
  • Time-Saving & Cost Reducing: It can eliminate needs for the human workforce in many aspects like regularly updating web-forms for the latest offers. And it can also reduce costs for customer support assistance.
  • 24*7 Customer Assistance: Longer period availability for the users can be an effective way to increase the scalability of any business.
  • Strengthening Relationship With Users: It can also be a great source to collect users’ responses, opinions, demands, etc.

Increased Leads-to-Engagement Conversion → Sales → Higher ROI ↑

Implementation of Conversational Ad Campaign

The implementation of chatbot requires a lot of attention, experience, and knowledge. However, while training the bot with the same, you should be well equipped with product knowledge and audience behaviour. It will help you to compose dynamic conversational flow for a wider audience. You can contact us at for a consultation on how to build a chatbot to help you boost engagement for your business.

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