Everything You Need To Know About Linkedin Marketing Automation & SMM Chatbot

There was a time when you need to connect offline with businesses for a B2B partnership. However, now you just need to search for them on LinkedIn and click on the connect button.

Every marketer and business knows how much LinkedIn is important for their growth. Alike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is not a general content-sharing social media platform. It is more of a professional platform and was built to bring professionals together for business, career, and company profile building.

The revolutionization of technology and marketing practices has taught marketers how they can get even more from LinkedIn. It is now being used to generate leads too for businesses. Businesses search for prospects on LinkedIn, send them a connection request, and texts them to offer and discuss partnership or work opportunities. As a result of this, LinkedIn marketing practice has been really beneficial for businesses. Marketers claim that they generate 54% of B2B leads from social media, and out of which 80% of them were from LinkedIn.

The question now arises that how you use automation to make this marketing practice easier, more beneficial, and cheaper.

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Automating LinkedIn Marketing

The concept of automation is all about reducing or eliminating human interference from monotonous tasks and allow them to do more important and productive tasks.

Automating LinkedIn marketing can help businesses in making the process more resultant, error-free, and cost-effective as automation minimizes the need to invest many resources. Businesses can use LinkedIn automation tools for the same.


With a LinkedIn automation tool, businesses can do Linkedin prospecting easily. They can use it to search for prospects in LinkedIn and send outreach messages whatever they want. Such automation tools can help in collecting & keeping prospect data saved and managed.

Overall Business Costing Benefits

Check out this example to understand how Linkedin automation affects your Linkedin marketing cost.

For instance (Without Automation)

You are investing two members of your team, the first one to search for prospects and send them outreach messages, and the second one to respond to replies and attend sales meetings. You may have been attending 10–20 sales meetings and also, be doing a lot of hard work on it.

For instance (With Automation)

All that you will now need is to get a Linkedin automation tool and train it to do the work however you want. The major workload for you will be to attend sales meetings (that too, definitely more than you were attending without automation) and monitor stats.

The overall purposes of these examples were to explain how LinkedIn automation can reduce the work stress of your employees and get things done more efficiently. Ultimately, help you generate better ROI.

Linkedin Conversational Ads

Linkedin ads have always been businesses’ first choice for B2B paid ad campaigns. However, to make the conversions from LinkedIn ad campaigns reach their best potential, you can switch to LinkedIn conversational ads.

The Linkedin conversation ads are built on the message ad format, which is delivered through LinkedIn Messenger. They are designed for real-time engagement, as they only send messages when a prospect is active on LinkedIn, which means the possibilities of engagement gets quite increased.


Conversational ads help businesses to make the lead conversion process easier and efficient. With this advertisement practice, businesses would not need to invest much of their other resources like managers’ involvement in responding to the advertisement replies. In simpler words, you can say that conversational ads work like a well-trained chatbot.

Moreover, Linkedin itself offers conversational advertising options. You just need to set your target audience, goals, and design an appropriate conversational flow with good CTA buttons.

(Pro tip: Better your conversational flow, higher the conversion rate)

Get More With Social Media Marketing (SMM) Chatbots

The other way to use conversational ads in your Linkedin marketing is by adding CTA redirection to your conversational landing page in sponsored posts.

When a user clicks on the CTA button of your sponsored post, he/she will land on a conversational landing page, where a chatbot will welcome the user and begin with the conversational flow.

Chatbots can be trained to communicate with leads differently based on the source, location, and many more such factors of the leads redirecting to them. This ensures to give the best engagement experience to the leads, and thus the maximum possibility of conversion.

“With Conversation Ads, we managed to increase our audience engagement, while cutting our CPC in half. They allow us to offer our audience a variety of information in one attractive ad format — and without forcing them to leave the LinkedIn platform.”
Anne Gebhardt
Digital Marketing Manager, Episerver

Final Thoughts

The time is changing and if businesses don’t upgrade themselves to better technologies for marketing then they may suffer a great loss in the upcoming time. Using Automation & Conversational marketing are two of those things. If you don’t believe it, ask those who are already using them!

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