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  • Wie Stromanbieter Kunden bei einem Umzug an sich binden können

  • How you can grow your website traffic 51%—overnight—by radically increasing speed

    We rebuilt a public legal information website, Dial-A-Law, with one focus: increasing performance.

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  • 5 Messenger Marketing Strategies you Should Try Today

    5 Messenger Marketing Strategies You Should Try Today

    Messenger marketing is the strongest opportunity in digital marketing today. It is one of the best ways to scale a genuine one-on-one connection which can lead businesses to higher conversion rates, increased open rates and click-through rates. Messenger marketing allows you to enable marketing automation with chatbots. These Messenger bots allow you to get connected with customers on the world’s most popular messaging application.

    Here are a few more interesting statistics about messaging from a survey:

    • 65% of customers said that their messaging with businesses has increased over the past years
    • 70% of customers said they would rather send a message than call a business for customer service
    • Up to 60% of customers like personalized messages from businesses
    • 50% of customers are more likely to shop with a business they can message to

    Here are some Messenger marketing strategies you can try –

    1. Grab attention of your audience during events

    This is one of the ways to use Messenger marketing. You can send important information, updates, and reminders about upcoming events, webinars, inventory, etc that your customers have signed up for. By using this strategy you can increase the response rate, and can easily grab the attention of your audience.

    With chatbots you can do marketing of your events, get more signups for the events, send tickets, notify your audience before the event and even you can take feedback after the event.

    2. Generate high-quality sales leads

    When we talk about generating leads, it is already a difficult job but once we talk about the high quality lead, it becomes even harder. But with the help of messenger marketing and chatbots, you can take advantage of super useful automated funnel which can help you get more customers and help you keep them engaged with your brand.

    A chatbot can drive the user to the right path and can ask certain question to get them qualified for your services or products. So rather than just taking emails and phone numbers of random person who visits your website or anything, a chatbot can take leads more efficiently and will give you the right audience which has the highest chance of conversion.

    3. Re-engage potential customers

    Not only attracting new customers, messenger marketing strategy along with chatbots can re-engage your customers and can increase your chances to make more resale, up-sale and cross-sale.

    A chatbot can remember user’s preferences, visits, interests and previous purchase history so whenever you have the right strategy for engaging regular or previous customers, chatbot can be your right hand.

    4. Reach your target audience

    Chatbot is one of the great tools of reaching out to your target audience. With smart filters, custom attributes, tags and all you can reach out to the perfect matched prospects, who can easily be converted to your customers. As per the research, more than 48% customers are open to buy products from the messaging app. rather than buying it from ads. People will trust more when they can communicate with the brand directly.

    Including chatbots to your marketing strategy can give you the giant leap to your business and will help you get more out of your marketing efforts.

    5. Deliver Round the Clock

    Among all the above features, chatbots are more likely known for their 24/7 support to the business. AI-powered bots have become widely available and can help you serve your customers anywhere, anytime without any hassle.

    These bots can create more conversational relationships, and can help you achieve higher growth rate. It will increase your engagement ratio with customers and better engagement will help you gain more trust initially and eventually selling more.

    Get started for free with to get more opt-ins of your targeted audience. Reach out to us at if you want to know more how to implement it for your business today.

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