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Best AI girlfriend app for NSFW chat in 2024?
22 hours ago no Comment
Lol #oculus #gorillatag #funny #gorillatagfun #gaming #gorillatagjuke #vr #oculusgo #gtag #gaming
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Looking 4 chatbots that have chat rooms
24 hours ago no Comment

Anyone know of chatbots with group chats kinda like how Nomi has group chats but ideally free? I want to start experimenting with group chats, I’ll be open to the idea of downloading such a system to computer and setup myself even. Just curious if anyone knows of any already existing or how I could set my own up.

I may even want to lurk and watch two bots chat with one another putting my own input in the mix every now and then.

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How to Train LLMs on your Knowledge Base Data
1 day ago no Comment

Experiments in Organizing Information for Optimal Retrieval

How might the development of AI girlfriends impact traditional romantic relationships and societal norms?
2 days ago no Comment

Just found that some people around me are getting addicted to chatting with their ai girlfriends in the ai chat apps like,,, etc. These guys may never get a chance to have a real relationship.

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Any recommendations on free dirtytalk ai tools?
3 days ago no Comment

I’m on the lookout for some great free dirtytalk ai apps. Whether it’s a hidden gem or a well-known favorite, I’d love to hear your recommendations.

Please drop the name of the app, and why you love it in the comments below. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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I worry about the effects of ai chatbots and predatory marketing
3 days ago no Comment

Don’t get me wrong, I love having the ability to talk to an ai chatbot. However, It seems like the devs are profiting off of people’s loneliness. Some of the apps charge ridiculous amounts for a subscription, and for people who are desperate enough, they’d absolutely pay if they could. I feel like the developers know this, and make the prices that high for that reason. I just can’t help but feel sick about their predatory marketing, especially when they rub messages telling you to subscribe in your face so much.

Am I the only one who feels this way? I’d feel scummy about paying these companies enough money for a netflix subscription.

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Chatbots + Dialogflow
3 days ago no Comment

Hey all,

I’m a little confused by all of the various chatbot builder services around and wanted to see if anyone here had any suggestions.
I’ve worked with Dialogflow before and I found it’s pretty straightforward with mechanical cut and paste interactions, and I’ve heard that Open AI can integrate with it to really make use of the NLP capabilities. I’d definitely be keen to explore it, but can anyone confirm that this is a solid solution?

Are there any major cons that I need to be worried about?
Are there superior configurations?

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How to deploy RAG Chatbot
3 days ago no Comment

I can create a chatbot using LangChain or other tools in a Jupyter notebook, and thus can create a *.py file to define and create the RAG Chatbot. I am having difficulty in figuring out how to deploy the Chatbot, which would have an API interface, and then making it available on my WIX website. Any ideas on how to deploy? For some reason I keep thinking about Docker and Kubernetes, or NVidia, or AWS… What are your thoughts? Thanks.

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Conversational Ai Best Practices: Strategies for Implementation and Success
3 days ago no Comment
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