Looking for your feedback please: I built a voice enabled chat assistant with access to DALLE-3 and Vision as well as some other cool features including translation.

Hi I am the creator of exofi.app I’ve been working on and constantly updating my website that pulls together a number of technologies and APIs to try and create an immersive, unique AI interface and companions.

The website is built in nextJS with vercel and postgres. I would love to get suggestions about the direction and possible use cases that people might have for such an app? I’ve recently added a translation and planning to add whisper voice integration allowing realtime voice to voice conversations (in testing now), Vision and more. I know it has a long way to go so any suggestions are really welcomed.


Voice enabled chatbots with unique custom characters and avatars. Fast TTS by GoogleTTS and incredible high quality voices by 11labs. Text Translation in any language (Full range of TTS voices in over 100+ languages coming soon). DALLE-3 Planned updates

Vision (Working in beta) Full multilingual voice supports (100+ languages) ?? I feel like there are a huge number of potential applications by combining these technologies in unique ways so any suggestions and feature requests welcome Link: exofi.app

Also I’m more than happy to answer any questions about the development of chatbot apps.

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