follow up to my last post about realistic chatbot

follow up to my last post about realistic chatbot

im pretty surprise i got a lot of feedback for the site i found and shared on my last post, i’m glad people are interesting in what i have to share, so i figured i would give more context on what i know about it heres the link again if interested:

the site hires, and trains off information on real modelers, both male and female, its a lot like PI, but with NSFW, the AI generation isnt the most consistent with all characters, but i personally think the language makes up for it!

you can do basic text chats with it, AND theres also audio chats, where a character can send you voice messages (obviously based on the models voice), its almost like Instagram DMS but for AI lol

theres something for both males and females on it 🙂 and signup is free

if theres anymore questions lemme know, i plan to share anything i come across!

also, heres some chats for context (blurred acc name and kept SFW for obvious reddit reasons), personally, i think its more laidback then things like C.AI and PI (not too mention the NSFW you can do)

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