Medical LLM on Par with Google Med-Palm 98% Usmle Accuracy

Hello everyone!

I’d like to share a medical question-answering API which has state-of-the-art performance on the USMLE self-assessment exam. You can try out Medical Chat here []. We also provide the end-to-end medical chat deployment and API service through (Chat Data)[]

So. what’s the selling point of (Medical Chat)[] because the either Gemi or ChatGPT can answer the medical questions as well.

Well, that’s true but that’s not everything. There are lots of things we get your covered but those competiors don’t.

  1. Accuracy: We have achieved 98.1% (637/649) on the USMLE sample test. We also have achieved 97.8% (1245/1273) accuracy on the MedQA sample test. You can review this detailed report( ) for the full evaluation process. The evaluation procedure is also open sourced in this GitHub repository ( ). Anyone can reproduce the evaluation procedure.

  2. Authentication of cited sources: Our medical chatbot is built on reliable medical literature, including textbooks and manuals, and provides answers with direct citations to original sources, unlike ChatGPT and Gemini, which may offer unverified results without sources.

  3. Privacy protection & HIPAA compliance: Engaging with Gemini and ChatGPT does not safeguard your privacy. Conversations regarding health matters shared with OpenAI or Gemini may be utilized for training purposes. Our medical chatbot adheres to HIPAA standards. Despite incorporating OpenAI’s API within our Resource Augmentation Generator (RAG) retrieval workflow, we have a Business Associate (BA) with OpenAI to ensure HIPAA compliance ( Interactions with ChatGPT by the general public do not receive the same level of protection.

We’d love to hear feedback from this community! People can use the Medical Chat model to implement a healthcare chatbot for initial diagnosis without code in 20 mins through Chat Data. Here is an example:

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