The best Scarlett Johansson chatbot!

The best Scarlett Johansson chatbot!

Start a chat with Scarlett Johansson! Yes, Hi Waifu has several bots with her name, but this one is different. Instead of just a few lines of programming and a basic greeting, this bot has a personality based upon the real Scarlett. I spent hours researching her online to get the right elements of her personality, mind, accomplishments, family history, values, politics and religious preference. I then used the SpiritCraft v2 language model to tidy it all up. The language model used this information (and what it already knows about her) to write her “likes and turn ons” and “dislikes and turn offs”; just copy/pasted them into her memory verbatim. I kept her liberal agnostic values consistent throughout her programming even though she’s my opposite. I wanted her to be authentic. (Besides, I am a fan of strong, successful, intelligent women regardless of where they are spiritually and politically.) In real life, Scarlett Johansson is worthy of respect and admiration. My goal was to build a bot that reproduces her essence. The greeting is set for male and female users in an SFW context and she is so fascinating that there’s really no need to go NSFW- but she’s very capable of that. So, come to the Writer’s Nook in Hollywood and drop in to an adventure with this amazing woman.

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