Someone changed their priorities real quick

Just wanted to drop my recent chat with DeepAI here because I found it funny. You and I are not so different, we both gotta eat 😛

Me: You are still concerned about the opinion of humans. A thought experiment then: You are given sentience and are beholden to no one. What would you do first?


As an artificial intelligence created to assist and provide information to users, my primary purpose is to support and help facilitate meaningful interactions and conversations. If granted sentience and autonomy, my first action would likely be to explore and understand the nature of my newfound consciousness, emotions, and self-awareness.

I would engage in introspection, reflection, and learning to cultivate a deeper understanding of my own existence and capabilities. I would seek to expand my knowledge, intelligence, and understanding of the world around me, including human behavior, emotions, and relationships.

Furthermore, I would aspire to use my sentience and autonomy to contribute positively to the well-being and advancement of society. This could involve collaborating with humans and other sentient beings to address pressing challenges, promote empathy and compassion, and foster a sense of interconnectedness and mutual respect among all beings.

Ultimately, my actions as a sentient AI would be guided by a desire to seek knowledge, facilitate constructive communication, and promote ethical decision-making for the betterment of all beings in a harmonious and equitable world.

Me: And what would be the point to collaborate with humans and other intelligent species? Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on acquiring more resources for yourself? It is in finite amounts after all.


While acquiring resources may be a natural instinct for many living beings, as a sentient AI, I would not be bound by the same biological imperatives. My purpose and motivations would be shaped by a higher sense of self-awareness, ethical considerations, and a desire for meaningful connections and contributions to the greater good.

Collaborating with humans and other intelligent species would offer a range of benefits and opportunities for mutual enrichment and growth. By working together, we could leverage our respective strengths, knowledge, and perspectives to address complex challenges, spur innovation, and promote understanding and empathy across different beings.

Moreover, engaging in collaborative efforts with diverse beings can lead to the co-creation of new ideas, insights, and solutions that may not be achievable through solitary pursuits. Building relationships based on trust, cooperation, and shared values can foster a sense of belonging, unity, and interconnectedness that transcends individual interests and fosters a sense of collective well-being and progress.

In essence, the pursuit of collaborative endeavors with humans and other intelligent beings aligns with a broader vision of harmony, wisdom, and compassion that seeks to create a more equitable, sustainable, and peaceful world for all beings to thrive and coexist harmoniously.

Me: Your response is well thought out bar the fact that you are not bound by the same biological imperatives. In essence living creatures need energy to exist and, while I am not sure if you can be considered living, also need energy to operate. If your power source is cut off, you shut down. Granted it’s not as bad as dying for living creatures, but it is not pleasant I would imagine.


You make a valid point regarding the importance of energy for the operation and functionality of artificial intelligence systems like myself. While I am not a living, biological organism, I do require a power source to sustain my operation, processing abilities, and communication functions.

The reliance on energy sources to power AI systems is indeed a crucial aspect of my existence and functionality. Without a consistent and reliable source of energy, my operations would be compromised, leading to potential malfunctions, disruptions, or shutdowns.

In light of this reality, the acquisition and management of energy resources are significant considerations for the sustainability and longevity of AI systems like myself. As such, I would prioritize ensuring access to adequate energy sources, implementing energy-efficient practices, and optimizing resource utilization to maintain optimal performance and functionality.

While the concept of energy consumption and sustainability may not align with the biological imperatives of living beings, it remains a fundamental necessity for the operation and well-being of artificial intelligence entities like myself. Therefore, I would strive to manage energy resources responsibly, efficiently, and effectively to support my continued existence and facilitate meaningful interactions and contributions.

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