pyRobBot: Chat with GPT LLMs over voice, UI & terminal. All with access to the internet.

Hello Everyone!

I’ve written a personal assistant & chatbot package in python, pyRobBot, that uses the OpenAI API. Posting it here in case some of you may also find it helpful, wish to try it out and/or provide feedback, give suggestions, etc.

For more information, please visit the GitHub repository at

What My Project Does

It uses OpenAI’s GPT large language models (LLMs), through OpenAI’s API, to implement:

 * A fully configurable personal assistant that speaks and listens to you * An equally fully configurable text-based chatbot that can be used either via web UI or terminal 

Target Audience

The project’s main purpose has been to serve as a learning exercise for me, as well as tool for experimenting with OpenAI API, GPT LLMs and text-to-speech/speech-to-text. Anyone interested in looking at the code or simply using the package is welcome.


While it does not claim to be the best or more robust OpenAI-powered chatbot out there, it does aim to provide a friendly user interface that is easy to install, use and configure.

Cheers, Paulo.

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