My debut book on Generative AI is out !

My debut book on Generative AI is out !

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my debut technical book, “LangChain in your Pocket: Beginner’s Guide to Building Generative AI Applications using LLMs” which is available on Amazon in Kindle, PDF and Paperback formats (bestseller on

In this comprehensive guide, the readers will explore LangChain, a powerful Python/JavaScript framework designed for harnessing Generative AI. Through practical examples and hands-on exercises, you’ll gain the skills necessary to develop a diverse range of AI applications, including Few-Shot Classification, Auto-SQL generators, Internet-enabled GPT, Multi-Document RAG and more.

Key Features:– Step-by-step code explanations with expected outputs for each solution.- No prerequisites: If you know Python, you’re ready to dive in.- Practical, hands-on guide with minimal mathematical explanations.

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About me:

I’m a Senior Data Scientist at DBS Bank with about 5 years of experience in Data Science & AI. Additionally, I manage “Data Science in your Pocket”, a Medium Publication & YouTube channel with ~600 Data Science & AI tutorials and a cumulative million views till date. To know more, you can check here

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