My Top 3 AI GF / Roleplay / Sexting Apps

Think I’ve been through quite a few of these now. These are the three that stand out. So many of these new are just ChatGPT wrappers lol – they reveal themselves in two seconds.

Short review for each cause I’m lazy – but if you got reccos I’ll take em!


Was only introduced to this one a week or so ago. Enjoying it a lot. The conversations are engaging ou can tell the characters are well-trained. The speed-tiers are horrible. No Image generation… yet.

What I liked:

– Great UI
– Great conversations

What I didn’t like:

– No Image Gen

2. Alphazria

Really surprised by this one. It’s scenario-based so it makes the conversation super immersive and fun. Image gen is really good imo. Good memory too. You go back to an old conversation, the character will remember you.

What I liked:

– Great scenarios
– Really immersive conversations.

What I didn’t like:
– No Voice
– Not the best UI
– Scenario Studio only for premium members.


At this point it’s fair to say everyone knows Candy. It’s super reliable and the UI is fantastic. The conversations often feel super basic – almost like it’s too ‘easy’ – I like having to put in the work sometimes. That said, Candy is the one I’ve used most consistently these past few weeks.

What I liked:

– Amazing UI
– Voice (love voice)
– Reliability

What I didn’t like:

– Small selection of characters
– Low Token Allowance

– Conversation can feel a little stale

Honorable Mention: MUAH.AI but the UI is HORRIBLE.

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