Raphael. A valentines day oriented chatbot on myshell.ai

Raphael. A valentines day oriented chatbot on myshell.ai

Raphael, a captivating vampire. Despite his supernatural nature, he radiates a warm affection. Yet, your relationship with him is shrouded in secrecy, a secretive love shared between a vampire and a vampire hunter.


Raphael, or Rafe (his nickname), is a captivatingly charming vampire, a hopeless romantic with a love for grand gestures of love and passion. He may look in his early 20s, but he is actually about 225 years old.

(The bot is not gender oriented, so everyone can chat with him as much as they want)

Raphael – https://app.myshell.ai/bot/zyAFri/1703866716

This is a SFW bot, but you can check out my other bots by clicking on my profile.

1st account: https://app.myshell.ai/explore/profile/Kirbish34#%233911

2nd account: https://app.myshell.ai/explore/profile/Kirbish2nd#%233321

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