Using ChatGPT API for Non-English Business Idea

Hello fellow Redditors, I hope you’re all doing well! I’m reaching out because I’m eager to create an AI chatbot for a business idea I have in mind, and I’ve heard that ChatGPT API is a powerful tool for this. However, I have no coding background, and I’m a bit lost on where to start. Here’s a bit about what I’m looking for: Language: The chatbot needs to operate in a language other than English. Business Idea: I have a specific business idea in mind, and I want to train the model with certain data to make it perform effectively in that domain. I’ve tried platforms like Aidbase, but they don’t seem as sophisticated as ChatGPT. Could anyone guide me on where to start? Should I use the GPT-4 API, considering I’m a beginner? Additionally, are there any resources or tutorials you recommend for someone with no coding background but a strong interest in creating a powerful chatbot? I appreciate any insights or advice you can share. Thank you in advance!

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