Am I tweaking or are comments flooded with bots on here?

I’m new to using nsfw chatbots and came here for recs after using a few of them. But so many comments on the posts just seem like bots that are attempting to promote certain sites.

Well anyway, if someone has some recs, I’d appreciate it. (I’m already prepared for bot comments ngl)

Currently I’ve tried

Yodayo (the main one I use. Has a paid feature but they give enough credits that I haven’t felt the need to spend money on it)

Janitor (good so far but I just started using it)

Muah (this is the one I see recommended a lot in a spam/bot looking way. The image generation thing is nice but something about the site just feels very off. I’ve only used it for like 10 mins but the constant mention of buying vip mid chat completely put me off)

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