Is there any AI Chatbots designed for Roleplay’s/Long-term stories?(my issue with Character AI)

Specifically, the memory. For example, I was doing a My Hero Academia Roleplay in which Izuku Midoriya, the main character, is replaced by one of my own characters. and of course, this very character is nicknamed Deku by Bakugo and Uraraka. but the AI never remembers this context and every time the name is brought up it mistakes it for Izuku and it’s extremely frustrating every time he’s brought into question because he’s “not supposed to exist in this AU”.

The problem is that the AI isn’t designed for long-term stories where you need to remember a lot of stuff, it’s designed for short-term, small, intricate little conversations, unfortunately.

So, I bring back the question: Where are these story chatbots? if any, I need to know! for fun, of course. And if not, what’s the best solution?

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