An open invitation to join a social space for all AI chatters!

tl;dr: a new Discord server for AI chatters unaffiliated with any service, website or client that tries to be a moderated safespace.

After browsing several real-time chatter spaces on AI chatting, we’ve noticed that many current existing spaces have their Temperature turned all the way up. Which is fine and dandy as LLM chatbots are bleeding-edge hobby space and some frontier wildness is inherent. However, we’ve noticed that there are many people who find current Discord servers and other places Too Much and A Lot and would like a similar space that’s tighter on moderation and vibesetting. To that purpose, we’ve started a new Discord server we are calling KNIFEFISH.

This space is explicitly set out to be a safe, social and purposeful space for AI chatters. KNIFEFISH intends to be a less wild, safer discussion place that is intolerant against intolerance and unwelcoming to trolls; strict moderation on harmful speech, toxic behavior, trolling, and such associated tomfoolery. If you find nothing funny about spontaneous racist gifs, “jokes” about the LGBT community, or unprompted calls for genocide, and would prefer to have convos about AI chatting without them, please join us!

Content-wise, we are building toward general chatter, content sharing and technical discussion. If you want to talk about jailbreaking or prompt-engineering in a calmer place; share character cards or guides that don’t jive well with the Untamed Wilds; or just enjoy socializing with other fellow hobbyists, consider dropping by and saying hello! You’ll find militantly friendly people here. 🙂


Sadly we ran out of tea, but there are piles of cupcakes to share.

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