I’ve created chatbot mobile app, and want to open source it. Help.


I want to open source my AI chatbot mobile application, so that you can hook your custom LLM to it.

I’ve created a mobile application half a year ago, pushed it to free beta testing, and now it’s been running there without much updates. I’m too busy to scale and monetize it, so I’d like to open source it instead of let it die.

One idea is to create a web interface, where user can add their own LLM and database for storing conversation history. Optionally user can build the whole backend, such that the mobile application would just be a convenient interface for authenticating and chatting with your own chatbot. I feel like the most worksome part of building true personalized assistant is packaging it to some kind of application, and “productionizing it”. That’s what I’ve done, and I think it could be helpful for people.

I haven’t seen this kind of open-source mobile application development before. What’s your take on it? Does it make sense? Is someone interested in collaboration or brainstorming this through?

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