Voiceflow AI Chatbot problem: Can someone Help with solve it, Please!

I have built an AI Chatbot for my client on Voiceflow platform.
now, I ran into a problem with my AI Chatbot, the problem is Specifically with Voiceflow Knowledge base response.
Here is a description of my problem:
“So , I actually integrated the chatbot to my client’s website And its working okay But its working different on a voiceflow prototype and on the clients website For example If i ask a question “what color is the sky” with the “?” At the end of the sentence he will respond right. But if i ask him that same question without the “?” At the end he wont respond and he will just glitch out. But its only glitching out on clients website But on the voiceflow prototype its working perfectly fine, without me having to put “?” At the end of the sentence.”

How can I solve this issue!?

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