Multipurpose AI app for all your AI interests and services.

Hi guys! 👋

I’m the cofounder of a tech startup focused on providing free AI services, we’re once of the first mobile all-in-one multipurpose AI apps.

We’ve developed a pretty cool app that offers AI services like image generation, code generation, text generation, story generation, image captioning, and more bundled up through a single interface. We’re working on supporting many models and generative services, but so far we have support for GPT-4, Stable diffusion, Microsoft Azure, with long term plans for Claude, dallE, and music/video generative models . We’re the Swiss Army knife of generative and analytical AI.

We’d love to have people try the app out, right now we have around 13,000 downloads and we’d like to expand our user base, get feedback, and keep in touch with all of you. We are INCREDIBLY responsive to user feedback at this stage, so recommend to us anything you’d like to see in the future.

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