Top 3 Text Adventure Roleplay AIs

AI is huge in games now, making them way more fun and immersive. I tried out a few of them so I thought I would make a post for you guys!

  1. AI Dungeon ( – This is a text adventure where the AI makes up the story as you go. It uses GPT-3 so the stories get wild and the AI is pretty good! You can literally do anything and the UI is very appealing.

  2. NovelAI ( – This one is like an AI writing buddy. It helps you create characters and stories by analyzing what you write. Makes writing interactive stories way easier and more creative.

  3. Mirage Island ( – Think Character.AI meets Pokemon. It has a bunch of characters to chat with and battle! All of the pokemon in the game are generated and really unique.

These games show how AI can really change gaming by making awesome, unique experiences!

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