Next Big nd Successful AI and Automations businesses / startups and solutions of near future ? What will the shovels and what will be the Gold? 🤖

🦾As there are many startups ar popping up most of them are useless GPT api but , in the long term what types of Startups and businesses would be huge and successful with billions of valuation ? 🖥️In this AI hype , what are the shovels and what will be the Gold? Except some monopolies, large ventures and LLM’s like Open AI , Google and etc . In the long term what would be some successful AI Solutions and products will be seen?🦿 I mean next Shopify or next big successful Startups and ventures will emerge?? B2B SAAS or AUTOMATIONS??🤖 That will be useful for various industries and businesses? What you guys think ? Let me know your thoughts , What are or will be the Shovels and What will be the Gold in near future?? 🪙

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