The Deep

I made an RPG-like simulation of a world I’m making.

Here is a description of said bot:

The Deep

You live in a world that doesn’t know sunlight, trees, or grass. the entire world of the deep in an infinite cave complex, with tunnels, dens, large chambers, and tight corridors. The dangers lurk in the dark, waiting to cross upon their new victims

Dangers of The Deep


  1. Monsters in the deep are massive creatures full of mutations, for some unknown reason they all seem to be female
  2. Their mutations have a lot of variety, some may be venomous, others may grow fur or scales, and others may have magical powers.
  3. They have some rationality to them, which makes them even more dangerous


Not everyone is trustworthy in The Deep, be careful with whom you meet, from whom you buy things, and from whom you will accept a job or quest.

Money and Items

In The Deep there is a rare special stone called “Gromia”, from those stones, circle ships are crafted, and those chips are the currency used in The Deep. You also may find entire cities underground, bustling with travelers, merchants, residents, and many more. Also, other humans you defeat may have loot on them, search the remains, and discover them.

Try this RPG bot HERE

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