Embedding LLM with custom character profile via iframe/JS on webpage?

for reference, I’m a creative writer working on a project. I recently had an idea of integrating a very specific character AI profile into a webpage article as a dedicated companion character (like a friendly AI helper or something) that a reader could submit questions to or speak with. I was wondering if it were possible to embed a character AI profile using an iframe or related JS (this will be done on a Wikidot page, if anyone happens to be familiar with that website lol). I’m not very educated on the specifics but I’d be more than happy to learn if I know it’s feasible. I’m not sure what tools are available but I know that I’ll likely need to host my own HTML page for an iframe or somehow construct my own JS module with a separate Wikidot page and somehow protect my API key but I didn’t know who else to go to since I lack the proper knowledge with interfacing with LLMs or AI in general beyond some testing with Character AI and Silly Tavern.

Any help would be appreciated!

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