I made an AI waifu that you can interact with virtual companion deeply in a gamified way!

I know that there are many AI-accompanied tools like Replika, Anima and so on. They’re cool, but I always lose interest after using them for a while. I don’t mean to offend, but I don’t think it’s more attractive to me than hang out with real people.

Getting more interesting and relaxing is the reason why I want to have an AI companion. So, I started pondering why can’t I make a product that I can raise my AI companion in a gamified way? My ideas about the product are below:

– From an egg: You can raise your AI companion from an egg. The different choices you make during incubation will affect the appearance of your AI companion.
– A journey full of surprises: There are four maps in the Pumspoul world, your AI companion can travel to these places. Are you curious what stories will happen during the journey?
– Style up the Look: Many styling options are offered In Pumpsoul, style up your AI companion to give them the perfect look.

Get A 24/7 AI SOULMATE (It’s basic).
– More than friends: Your AI soulmates can roleplay as your Virtual Lovers, family, Pets or even another you.
– Always be here: Anytime, anywhere, your AI soulmates will always be with you.
– Share feeling with you.: Listen to you, chat with you and understand how you feel.
– Self-Development skills: More chat, more develop. Your AI soulmates will learn form your conversations.

My demo it’s coming soon! (But I know it’s really needs to be improved). I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing your feedback, suggestions, or opinions. Here’s the web have more detailed introduction.

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