ChatGPT + Knowledge Base

With so many cool startups popping up, I havent found any that thread the needle I am looking for. I need a chatbot service that can do something like Chatbase or which answers prompts based on uploaded links / knowledge sources BUT understands intent and can use simple ChatGPT API to answer questions.

The use case is that my users come to ask legal questions and many can simply be answered via ChatGPT. But our value is that given a question, we can offer legal services, provide supplemental info they didnt know to ask ChatGPT or didnt structure their prompt well. We can also point them to other resources and providers given their prompt.

Any thoughts on how to tackle this use case technically or technology that may help? Essentially need ChatGPT tp answer questions and a chatbot AI to make prompt suggestions and show our service catalogue / directory of partners for our users to take the next step.

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