What possible measures of personality in chatbots?

basically what differentiates each chatbot from the other.

I thought about this and could only come up with a few possible answers, so I thought I would ask you guys. here’s what i could come up with:

  1. Length of response (long-mid-short)

  2. Tone of voice (formal-informal) which translates in vocabulary

  3. Social Interaction Style: Does the bot engage in small talk, ask personal questions? Or does it only respond to questions and only speaks when spoken to?

is there something I’m missing here?

ps: don’t say MBTI, Enneagram, big five or some other human typing system, it only makes sense for bots to have a different system because we think differently, besides bots can’t take the tests and have the same answers consistently, which breaks one of the most important factors for that make a valid personality typing system: consistency.

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