Are we (humans) just sophisticated chatbots?

The usual explanation as to how chatbots work is that they are kind of auto-complete devices, predicting what ought to come next. That might be how they work, but it’s hard to see how that would produce such realistic conversations (most of the time).

Unless… maybe, just maybe, that’s how we work; at least when we are conversing with another human. We might like to think that we are masters of our own fate, composing and delivering verbal statements, but that’s not the way human conversations go. Someone says something; someone else responds. Maybe our brains contain some kind of Large Language Model that enables us to produce conversational responses.

Obviously not quite like ChatGPT &c., but something along the same lines.

That would explain why chatbot conversations are usually so realistic: they are mimicking how our brains work.

Just a thought.

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