Catalog of AI Personas for Immersive Conversations: Pirates, Philosophers, and More!

I’m developing detailed chatbot personas and conversation frameworks to enable more immersive and engaging AI conversations for purposes like learning and entertainment.

This is an open and collaborative project – please join in expanding the catalog! So far, we have crafted 20+ personas and debate templates across categories:

  • Thought Partners: Prompt engineers, Python tutors, and design experts to collaborate with users.
  • Entertainers: Imaginative characters like pirates, philosophers, and mystics for fun adventures.
  • Teachers: Instructor personas on music, fitness, dinosaurs, and more.
  • Debates: Respectful debates on deep questions from different perspectives.

The aim is to provide an interactive way to learn and be entertained through lifelike dialogues. The examples demonstrate crafting immersive personas tailored to specific conversation needs.

View the full collection here: Conversational Agents

See Example Conversations:

Please share any suggestions for new conversational agents or improving existing ones. I aim to develop a diverse catalog showcasing AI’s potential for rich dialogues. Try them out, and let’s discuss!

Crossposting this from r/instructionaldesign to r/Chatbots to get diverse feedback.

Creative Commons license statement:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Feel free to use and modify the conversational agents, but please provide attribution back to the original work.

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