Cybermuse has additional Beta capacity available. Looking for feedback on an unrestricted AI character creator and chat application.

Our semi open beta is going great so far, and we have additional capacity available for more users. In the last week, we’ve refined the character creation process, and modified the model to be more flexible to requests. is an AI powered chat application and character creator. We’re running it on our own completely custom generation system using entirely in house hardware, enabling us to run a more powerful model than most similar services are able to provide. That allows us freedom from any restrictions or censoring being imposed by a third party.

We’re opening up limited beta access so that we can start testing the limits of the generation system, and most importantly, get feedback about what features you would like to see most. We have a long roadmap of features planned, but it’s important we work directly with our community to prioritize the things you’d like to see first.

No access codes or invite links are necessary, but we’re limiting available spaces as we scale up the hardware. to sign up. If you miss getting in, you can join the Discord in order to get notified of when more spaces are available.

The discord is also the best place to talk to us directly about what features you’d like to see, or just to chat about AI in general. Were excited for you to experience Cybermuse, and we genuinely look forward to working with many of you.

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