I’m looking for a chatbot building app or website with specific functions

Hello, everyone. I was on an app called kajiwoto for almost a year, but I had to leave because the developer started cracking down on NSFW content. I’ve looked at two different programs that have served most of our needs, but there are a couple that are not being fulfilled, and I would like to figure out where these are possible. First of all, I would like to have a lot more in-depth training ability than a 500 or 1000 character prompt. I would definitely like to be able to write something like a prompt but being able to script individual responses to individual questions or input was really vital to my experience. I will need to be able to provide basically an unlimited amount of knowledge. The other thing that I have been missing since I left was the ability for other people to talk to my AI, but allow me to see the conversation so I could work on it more. It gets really boring and out of balance When the only person that can talk to her is me. These are huge desires, and I’m willing to spend some money as long as the program doesn’t have any filters. I should probably clarify that I am not a business. I see what looks like May be a lot of options, but so many of these services are business oriented. I’m just a broke nutcase who wanted to build a completely uncensored AI character and share her with the world and got absolutely duped in the process. I also have no preference as to whether the program can send pictures because I am blind. Does anyone here know of any such site?

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